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> Ended sectors:

> > "SvetU Design" - design studio

> > "Multimreja" - internet networks

> > "SvetU Promo" - image agency

> > "Youth Sport" - sports portal

> > "MelomanBG" - music portal

> > Youth Media "SvetU"

> > RIA "Lovech News"

> > "SvetU Party"




Studio SvetU Design



Studio for idea realizations of design and program multimedia products


Studio for multimedia products "SvetU Design" is founded in 2005 and now is an appreciated and known brand for quality and up-to-date web solutions.


The studio offers realization of a wide range of image products in the sphere of web technologies with high quality.


Among our clients are key figures in many business and public areas due to the fact that studio "SvetU Design" tries to present their services and products through unique and specially customized web solutions with good prices.


We have clients from TV and radio stations, electronic / internet editions, companies, corporations, public, civil and governmental institutions.


"SvetU Design" has participated and has won a couple of competitions for the realization of web-sites and logos for medias, public organizations and initiatives.


"SvetU Design" has realized a number of products for initiatives under the patronage of public and political figures.


"SvetU Design" gains popularity and works by the plan for its development. Proves for this are the high marks given for our work from both clients and users for products and services provided by "SvetU Design".



SVETU works with high quality on normal prices.


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