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National Union "Treasure the Bulgarian Heritage"



Non-governmental organization with non-profit activities for realization of projects and initiatives for public benefit


The initiative "Treasure the Bulgarian Heritage" is founded in the spring of 2005 as a campaign that incorporated young people for the preservation and treasuring of the Bulgarian cultural and historical heritage through voluntary brigades for the socialization of the former Bulgarian capitals Pliska and Veliki Preslav. The idea for the establishment of such a campaign is formed after a meeting between the President of the Republic of Bulgaria with intellectuals in the National Palace of Culture in Sofia city that took place in the beginning of November 2004 with the idea to talk about the Day of the National Heroes. After this meeting the President institution communicated with 2 non-governmental organization - Internet Youth Media "SvetU" and Foundation "Generous Heart", in order to consult in the construction, organization and realization of an idea that incorporates young people and patriotism and in order to see how the NGOs will proposed the realization of such an initiative. The two organizations start working on the idea voluntarily on the organization of the FIRST EDITION OF VOLUNTARY BRIGADE FOR STUDENTS AND SCHOLARS "TREASURE THE BULGARIAN" and invite the President of the Republic of Bulgaria to patronize the initiative.


In the summer of 2005 the first edition of the voluntary brigade for socialization of the former Bulgarian capitals Pliska and Veliki Preslav is realized successfully. Organizers of the first premier edition are Internet Youth Media "SvetU" and Foundation "Generous Heart".


Initiator and founder of the idea "Treasure the Bulgarian" and later 'Treasure the Bulgarian Heritage" is Internet Youth Media "SvetU".


With the idea of preservation, securing and developing the idea in 2006 part of the organizers of the brigade in 2005 from Internet Youth Media "SvetU" formed and legally founded National Union "Treasure the Bulgarian Heritage" - the one and only legal organization registered and legitimate to use this name and the successor of the first initiative in 2005 under the idea "Treasure the Bulgarian Heritage".





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