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Portal "Youth Sport"



Information portal for youth sport activities


The portal collects and refreshes information about all the youth sport activities in Bulgaria.


The web site focuses on school, university and club sport activities so that it can represent the first online database of the Bulgarian youth sport. In that way the selections of players, made by professional and university sport clubs can be much easier.


Just giving a statistic is not the main priority of the web site. has the ambition to contain biographies and interviews with glorious Bulgarian sportsmen, histories of sports, information about equipments and apparatuses, to show the Bulgarian youth sport events and successful young sportsmen. The purpose is clear - to make the physical culture and knowledge for sports closer and more visible for all young people.


We will be very glad if becomes one of the few private organizations to finance youth sport in Bulgaria, but also the first one to sponsor school, university and club teams and competitions.



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