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The name "Preserve the Bulgarian" AKA "Treasure the Bulgarian Heritage" is created by SVETU in the beginning of 2005 as a name of a national initiative for the preservation and development of the Bulgarian culture, history and traditions.


Afterwards the creators came up with the initiative to have this name incorporated in the same year as the name of the 1st edition of the National Voluntary Youth Brigade "Suhrani Bulgarskoto" / "Preserve the Bulgarian" and for the 1st edition of the National Annual Youth Gathering in the same year. Now the name and title "Suhrani Bulgarskoto" / "Preserve the Bulgarian" is the name of the non-governmental organization with non-profit activities National Union "Treasure the Bulgarian Heritage" ("Suhrani Bulgarskoto" / "Preserve the Bulgarian"), which is the successor of the initial idea.


The name "Suhrani Bulgarskoto" / "Preserve the Bulgarian" is owned by its creators and all rights are reserved according to the Bulgarian and EU law.


1st National Youth Voluntary Brigade "Suhrani Bulgarskoto" / "Preserve the Bulgarian" 2005

Internet Youth Media "Svetu" ( and foundation "Generous Heart" were the organizers of the national youth brigade for school and university students. The aim of the voluntary brigade was to let the Bulgarian youth to feel that they are important and needed by their state and also to be proud of their history.


In the summer of 2005 (July 6-27) in the Kings Palace in Veliki Preslav historical site (ancient Bulgarian capital) and at the Big Basilica in Pliska historical site (ancient Bulgarian capital) over 130 students voluntarily worked for achieving a noble cause. They participated in the process of socialization, cleaning and excavations of the archeological activities in these 2 ancient Bulgarian capitals - Pliska and Preslav.


The brigade was also accompanied by meetings and debates with archeologists and historians; visits to the Madara Rider monument; visits to the Shoumen Castle; watching of historical Bulgarian movies.


The volunteers worked on 2 groups. In the end of the work, every group received a diploma for the voluntary work and their participation in this successful pioneer effort to start a new idea.


The first group worked in the period July 6-17, as to the second - July 17-27 2005.


1st edition of Annual National Youth Gathering "Suhrani Bulgarskoto. Budi Bulgarin" ("Preserve the Bulgarian. Be Bulgarian") 2005

Under the patronage of the President of the Republic of Bulgaria 5 NGOs: Internet Youth Media "Svetu", the newly-formed association "National Movement for Bulgarian Heritage", foundation "Generous Heart", association "Youth Department for European Integration" and association "Student Society for Computer Sciences" united their efforts in the organization of the 1st edition of Annual National Youth Gathering "Suhrani Bulgarskoto. Budi Bulgarin" ("Preserve the Bulgarian. Be Bulgarian") on November 1 2005 - the Bulgarian National Day of Bulgarian Enlighteners. We gathered the support of the National Palace of Culture as well as the help and cooperation of many youth and student organizations from all around Bulgaria who are devoted to the preservation and development of the Bulgarian historical treasury, culture heritage and artists traditions.


We chose November 1st - the Day of Bulgarian Enlighteners for this big initiative which gathered more than 6000 people for a weekend in Sofia's most cultural places, due to the fact that we wanted to show the connection between the Bulgarian young generations and the national enlighteners who are in the foundation of our cultural and national renovation on a couple of occasions in our history.


The goal of the National Youth Gathering is to become an annual tradition that gathers young people every year on this special for Bulgaria day - November 1 in order to show what we all have done during the year and to voice our ideas to the society we live on topics that concern the young people. In this way we are sure that the public and state institutions will hear us and will help us in our acts and initiatives in order to make Bulgaria a better place to live in. Also we like to spread the idea for patriotism among young people in Bulgaria in order to form an active and working group of young Bulgarians in Bulgaria and abroad which will have a stable contact in between themselves.




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