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10.11.2006 - SVETU launched its new initiative "Wanted: Young Leader" which is an initiative aimed to popularizing the activities of every young person who is successfully working for the benefit of an organization and/or organizing initiatives and is promoting the idea to progress. Actually we are seriously looking for the nowadays young leaders. With the definition "young leader" we embrace all those people who are in the age range 13-35, who promote their achievements in different ways in international and local NGOs, forums and seminars all around the world in the spheres of culture, sports, social society, ecology, politics, technology, humanitarian activities, natural sciences and other. More at


06.09.2006 - SVETU with change in the Board of Managers. SVETU Ltd. informs you for the important changes that have been made in the Board of Managers. First of all we would like to ask you cordially to acquaint yourself with the the following information which concerns the current and future partnership relations and will eliminate possible misunderstandings that have occurred due to the current changes. We preliminary thank you for your time. Point 1 - Vladimir Hristovski, who is known as stake holder and editor-in-chief of Internet Youth Media "Svetu" is now not and will not be part of the SVETU communication group company. He is not representing any more any of the sectors, projects, initiatives or in any other legal way SVETU Ltd. Point 2 - General manager and major stake holder of SVETU Ltd. and all sectors and all other activities and intellectual property rights is Mr. Dimiter Mandradjiev. He is the legal representative of SVETU Ltd. We from SVETU Ltd. would like to keep and develop the good partner relationships with our clients and partners. We thank you for your support and successful collaboration so far. Please excuse the former stake holder and editor-in-chief for any abuse or negative acts that have infringed you personally or the organization which you are part or have been part of. We hope that we will continue to work together for the betterment of both sides and keep the good professional approach and the high level of trust we have formed in various joint efforts for progress.


03.07.2006 - SVETU is a partner and support logistically the organization and realization of the concert of Eros Ramazzotti in Sofia, Bulgaria.


22.04.2006 - SVETU launches its new sector services for advertisement and PR products and consultations. More at


03.02.2006 - SVETU launches its new sector services for event management and image products and consultations. More at



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