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The idea for SVETU began in 1999 as a product of a group of ambitious young people - the first online school newspaper "SVETU". For a short period of time it had its own printed version. In 2003 the newspaper "SVEU" stopped existing for about 1 year. On Febraury 14 2004 the activities were restarted with the initiative of Mr. Dimiter Mandradjiev and the first edition of the online youth magazine Internet Youth Media "Svetu". In the next 18 months SVETU enlarged itself and started offering services and new online medias.


In 2005 Mr. Dimiter Mandradjiev provided the needed amount of money for the registration SVETU Ltd. in which company there is also another stake holder. On 16.06.2005 - SVETU is now a Limited company - SVETU Ltd. Stakeholders are Mr. Dimiter Mandradjiev and Mr. Vladimir Hristovski. The whole amount required for the registration of the company is provided by Mr. Dimiter Mandradjiev. Number of stock: 50 with a nominal price of 100.00 BGN per stock. The decision is published in State Newspaper in issue 43 from 26.05.2006. A bit later on 03.07.2005 SVETU makes a pressconference for the announcement of the establishment of a new idea and a concurrent movement of young people "Suhrani Bulgarskoto" ("Preserve the Bulgarian" / "Treasure the Bulgarian Heritage"). The aim of the initiative (a voluntary brigade) was to let the Bulgarian youth to feel that they are important and needed by their state and also to be proud of their history. The pressconference was issued in the National Pressclub of the Bulgarian Telegraph Agency. The initiative is organized by Internet Youth Media "Svetu" and foundation "Generous Heart". On July 5 2005 SVETU initiated for the period July 6-27 2009 the 1st edition of the national voluntary youth brigade "Suhrani Bulgarskoto" ("Preserve the Bulgarian" / "Treasure the Bulgarian Heritage") which aims to socialize, renovate and popularize the ancient Bulgarian capital - Pliska and Veliki Preslav. After the successful conclusion of the brigade the team from SVETU initiated and co-organized the 1st edition of the Annual Youth Gathering "Suhrani Bulgarskoto. Budi Bulgarin" ("Preserve the Bulgarian. Be Bulgarian" / "Treasure the Bulgarian Heritage. Be Bulgarian") realized on November 1 2005.


Later in 2006 SVETU PROMO and SVETU PARTU are formed. SVETU becomes main partner in the realization of the Eros Ramazzotti concert in Sofia, Bulgaria. On Septmber 6 SVETU has changes in the Board of Managers. Vladimir Hristovski - former stakeholder and editor-in-chief of the Internet Youth Media "Svetu" is asked to "step out" of the company due to negative consequences made by him while being in SVETU. The stocks of Vladimir Hristovski are bought by Mr. Dimiter Mandradjiev and other people. Later the same year SVETU launches its new initiative WANTED: YOUNG LEADER which aims to popularize the young leaders in Bulgaria and their activities.


In 2007 and 2008 SVETU becomes a main partner of the work of production house Edita Group and one of the organization for the George Michael in Bulgaria concert. SVETU starts to promote unique for Bulgaria services and products - the first professional wedding website; year-book websites for schools and universities; the first couple of professional website of Bulgarian models. Logo made by SVETU is used in the United Nations Organization Headquarters in New York, USA. Internet Youth Media "Svetu" is up-to-date with information and events. Studio SVETU DESIGN launches its partnership program. SVETU constructed the new website of the Bulgarian UN Association. SVETU made the website for the initiative Sofia International Model United Nations. SVETU designed the webpage for the Rotaract clubs in District 2480. SVETU launched the Regional Information Agency Lovech News and the web portal for music information - MELOMAN BG. SVETU gave birth to the first in Bulgaria system for participation at Models of the UN Organization. Charity is enlarged in new fields.


In 2009 SVETU launched its program in order to provide its presence on foreign markets mainly at this point in neighboring Bulgaria states - Greece, Romania, Turkey and all former Yugoslav Republics. A new sector of services has been launched - MULTIVISIA - daughter sector which gives for renting multimedia projectors / beamers and screens on appropriate average prices. SVETU continues to enlarge its CSR program with charity initiatives. SVETU launched its new website.


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